Fifteen of 2015

Standing there at the attic at 12 midnight of New Year’s Eve — shouting “HAPPY NEW YEEAAAAAARRRRR!!!”, singing Firework (by Katy Perry) with cousins, and watching the dark rainy sky lit up by the glistening colors of fireworks — it made me reflect how blessed I am for the year 2015 and how much I am excited to start the year 2016.

As with the cliche of many firsts, 2015 was the year that pushed me to discover more, to think more, and of course, to eat more!

Here are the fifteen highlights of my 2015! (in no particular order)

1. Sagada
Sagada Mountain Province was a place that made me relax from the stress of the metro. Traveling for more than 12 hours away from the city, the place was just good to take everything slow and appreciate the breath taking views the place offers. We went to see the sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan, trekked to the Hanging Coffins, explored the caves, and toured around the small town to know their culture with the locals and stopped to eat at their specialty restaurants. I got to spend this relaxation time with my batch mates from med school. Thank you Rap for organizing this trip!

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Sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada Mountain Province. I personally took this photo.


2. North of the Wall
This was a trip going all the way to Dagupan-Baguio-La Union from Manila. This was the trip I first learned how to surf in La Union, visited the BenCab Museum and food places like the Ketchup Community and Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio, and hiked to see La Union’s hidden gem, the Tangadan Falls. Special mention to the great beach ambience and food of Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel!

11262409_10203402510098103_3942240259812163835_o (1)

Trekking to Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union (Photo by Royce Ian Cabello)


3. Valero Eat Street: Meet and Watched Erwan Heussaff cook!
I have been a long time fan of Erwan Heussaff who we all know as The Fat Kid Inside. I am really amazed how he keeps himself fit, cooks mouthwatering foods, and manages his own group of restaurants. Someday, I also plan to establish my own cafe or restaurant as a side line of my career in saving lives.

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Erwan Heussaff as The Fat Kid Inside


4. My other Instagram @neilbriangoesplaces and this new blog (
As a self confessed foodie, kitchen nerd, and photography enthusiast, I really wanted to compile all of these into one. Because of that reason, I decided to make another Instagram account and a new blog! Of course, I hope that one day, I can also be a trusted food blogger and establish my name in this field of #gastronomology.


Follow me in Instagram @neilbriangoesplaces and my blog


5. Mga Kwentong Tsubibo
Mga Kwentong Tsubibo is a film that tackles the social determinants of health. This film was produced by the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health Class of 2019. From the script writing, music compositions, casting, production, screening, and of course, directing, it was all made by my batch. This film aims to portray how we (as first year medical students) see the current health system of the Philippines and how health is affected by different factors. Our premiere film screening had good reviews and feedbacks! Watch out for our future film screenings at our official Facebook page: Mga Kwentong Tsubibo


Official Poster of the first screening of Mga Kwentong Tsubibo


6. First Medical Tuli Mission
Even though we just ended our first year of medical school (during the first quarter of 2015), I was able to help little kids to become a real boy. These elementary kids were brave enough to face the mini surgery of their little birdies. I was able to apply the skills I learned from the suturing classes I had with Surgical Society, an organization that expose medical students to the world of surgery. Thank you Surg Soc! 


Surgeons for the day!


7. ASMPH Ultimate (Frisbee)
I have to admit, I am not really a sports person. Not that I hate sports, but it is really not my thing. However, this 2015, I tried joining Ultimate Frisbee. I am a newbie at this sport but I tried hard to learn it. It was fun, to be honest, especially when you have a team to guide you and challenge you to be better.



8. Support Tandang and Board Operations for Pugad Agila 2015
Pugad Agila is composed of the WHOLE Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health community wherein we take care of the batch that will be taking the Medicine Board Exams. This is a whole year project for the whole school wherein we make sure that the board takers will get up everyday to study for the upcoming boards (Tandang), provide them stuffs that they need such as highlighters, coffee, reviewers and organize special events such as mass for their boards and batch sendoffs.

This year, I joined the Team Tandang as a support Tandang. As a Tandang, I texted the board takers assigned to me just to make sure that they are still well (during the whole duration of their review) and ask them some review questions everyday that might help them in their exams. Shoutout to my Tandang babies Jennifer Ngo and Patsy Lee! They are now doctors! YAY! #ONE2015


Fly High, Batch 2015! #ONE2015


9. Walang sawang (non-stop) Monday Exams
Yup, you read that right. I have exams every monday since the Year Level 6 of my medical school started. My weekends were already allotted for studying and MONDAY is our new friday. Of course, we should also allot time for detox, right?


10. Obstetrics Rotation
During our Obstetrics submodule under our Reproductive Module, my group went to Ospital ng Makati to watch a Caesarian Section delivery. We also experienced doing physical examinations (not yet internal exam) such as computing for the mother’s age of gestation (AOG), getting the AOG through a measuring tape and the baby’s fetal position inside the uterus. This is one of the first exposures we had as first year medical students in one of our partner hospitals.


11. Silent Retreat
With the fast pace life the med school offers, I needed to take everything slow during the break. I joined a 5-day silent retreat just to relax, reflect, and be away from the hi-tech world. In this retreat, we were not allowed to use our phones, communicate with our other co-retreat mates (even our eyes can’t), and talk for 5 days. Basically, you are on your own for your own personal time.

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In Silence….


12. Running School
With the 5 month long summer break (we shifted academic year to conform with the ASEAN integration), I joined a running school to make me live a healthier lifestyle. It was a 3 month program that engage me to run and to do circuit training.


Heaven knows how much fat I gained this year. Nevertheless, I am happy that I got to taste spoonfuls of different restaurants around the metro! Looking forward to try more food places this coming 2016! Follow my Instagram @neilbriangoesplaces for my food travels!


14. Fork Spoon Manila’s Beyond Manila Bites
As a food blogger/enthusiast/lover, I am really thankful to have been invited in the first ever!!! event of Fork Spoon Manila Beyond Manila Bites. In addition, I am honored to have personally met the food bloggers and sponsors:
Carina Castillo (@carinacastle)
Iana Peralta (@iana.peralta)
Chef Mitch Yu (@cheffymitchyu) and her sister Mikee Yu (@californiamikee)
Ezra Antonio (@ezgasm) – the master food stylist and mobile food photography
Madame Clarisse (@clari88e_8)
Mark and Bianca Tan (@eats_jakarta)
Seanta Reyes (@mytummycraves)
Joan Mu (@mujojo)
Raphie Gomez (@raphieeegomez)
Alvin Ong (@alvinonggg)
Iza Gallego (@iza.gram) from Zomato
Chris Paraz (@nipabrew), the co-owner of Nipa Brew
Ren Magno (@renmagno)
Reece Jarvis Corral (@goldstackph), owner of Gold Stack Philippines
and the curator of Fork Spoon Manila, Alexis Deocaris (@forkspoonmanila/@alexisdeocaris).

This was the first time I was able to attend a food crawl and a mobile food photography workshop. We went to different restaurants such as Angus Tapa Centrale, Catabolic Cafe, Kaiku, Silly Salads and Chef Mo’s Ribhouse in Malingap Street! Surely, our tummies were really full and happy!

Special thanks to the sponsors: Nipa Brew, Gold Stack, Coco Natura, The Coolist, Salata, Lots ‘A Pizza Philippines, and The Sashy Brew.


Forkspoonmanila’s Beyond Manila Bites participants (Photo by Raphie Gomez)


15. Team UBErrific
This Team. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Nope, we’re not cliquish. We just named our barkada “Team UBErrific” because UBE means Ultimate Bonding Experience. Living our different busy schedules now, we still try as much as we could to have a simple dinner together or even set our weekends studying together; even though we are from different med schools and different life tracks.


Team UBErrific!


When Erwan Cooks: Valero Eat Street

“Exam? What exam?” I said that day! This was a major destress moment from those thick nose-bleeding books and never ending pages of transes. (Just a side comment: We have exams every monday since year level 6 of medical school started). Well, this might be a late post but nevertheless it is one of the things I consider a milestone as a self-confessed foodie and a kitchen alchemist (or a nerd. Just because I really love cooking).

Micky, Gabby and I went to Valero Eat Street in Signa Designer Residences to watch Erwan have his cooking demo.


Adventure Time!

I am a big fan. He’s good in cooking and in managing his group of restaurants with quality and finesse! A man who loves to go traveling, tasting different kinds of cuisines, and experimenting different dishes in the kitchen. Awesome, right?

2015-09-19 04.34.58 1.jpg

Erwan’s Chicken Curry cooking demo

For his cooking demo, Erwan cooked chicken curry using lots of spices from one of the event’s sponsors. He demoed everything from scratch (from slicing the onions until the chicken curry was cooked). It’s really interesting how he mixed and matched different spices for the curry. Luckily, I was able to have the first taste of the freshly cooked dish! Well, the host asked who wants to taste it and I immediately raised my hand! WHEEEEE!!!

The best part of the cooking demo was Erwan even asked for questions and answered the questions of the audience anything about food. It made the demo feel like it’s just a casual cooking experience and it was really engaging. We even got to take a photo with “The Fat Kid Inside” and his autograph. (*Thanks Erwan!*)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Photo with “The Fat Kid Inside” Erwan Heusaff!


Autograph! 🙂

Of course, we also didn’t miss the cooking demo of Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina’s Kitchen! She demoed a Moroccan Egg dish. It was a breakfast skillet type of dish wherein she used tomatoes, eggs, and fresh herbs in her specialty cuisine.


As a food photography lover, I tried my flat lay skills at Manila Eat Up’s Pop Up Instagram Photo booth. There were a lot of different kinds of food (pizza, cupcakes, doughnuts, etc.) and wide selections of artsy plates, table clothes, mini cups, and plants to choose from! Everything was already provided. Even the kind of table design that I want to use for the flat lay. All the thing I need was imagination! How do I want to present the food and what will I use to make them a drooling indulgent snack?

After about half an hour in the booth area, I finally had my two attempts in making flat lays. I chose the doughnuts as my primary food model and I tried making my flat lay apt to the theme of English afternoon tea time. My imagination took me into a wide garden with a classy wooden canopy just in time for an afternoon relaxation time with coffee/tea and some doughnuts.

I was really hoping to meet other food bloggers during the event but I only got to meet Ezra of @ezgasm. This was the first time I met Ezra, the second time was in Forkspoonmanila’s Beyond Manila Bites months after this event. I am really amazed at his food styling skills!

2015-12-26 05.45.01 1.jpg

Attempt #1: DOUGHNUTS for an afternoon sweets!


Attempt #2: Coffee kind of afternoon with doughnuts and magazines


Photo with the food stylist and food photography master, Ezra Antonio (IG: @ezgasm)

Aside from these, it was sweeter to have gone to this event. I was able to discover some food restaurants which have their own stalls in the event. I have been wanting to eat in those restos for a long time now. But due to the busy schedule, I can only full up myself with the photos from their Instagram accounts. Haha!

‘Til the next food event! I’ll really try to go more to food events!

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong Milkshake

Christmas is just around the corner and these “Pamasko” and “Aguinaldo” will surely make you feel the Christmas season. These Bibingka and Puto Bumbong Milkshakes are the newest flavors of The Lost Bread at STREAT: Maginhawa food park this holiday season! Perfect treats after Simbang gabi (Night Mass) or when you just need something to make you feel the Christmas spirit!

Lost Bread.jpeg

Pamasko and Aguinaldo

Their Pamasko (bibingka milkshake) has real bibingka with salted egg, dessicated coconut, and cheese while their Aguinaldo (puto bumbong milkshake) has dessicated coconut and muscovado sugar! Both milkshakes were topped with whipped cream and either of the two Filipino kakanins (sticky rice).

The milkshakes have the normal sweetness level (not too sweet; just the right amount of sweetness from an ordinary milkshake). Both milkshakes even have real bits of the kakanins that can be chewed after a sip of the cold shakes which I really liked best about these two.

2015-12-22 06.01.17 3.jpg

Flatlay shot of the milkshake to show the two main Christmas food staples here in the Philippines!

The Lost Bread only launched these new flavors during the Maginhawang Pasko: Quezon City Food Festival (last 12th of December 2015) where all restaurants in Maginhawa opened their doors the whole day to celebrate mouthwatering dishes from different cuisines! The whole street of Maginhawa was closed to give way for the festival and some restaurants had their own promos and great deals which hooked the people from the streets to dine and celebrate the festival with them! Truly a heaven feels for all the foodies out there! As a self confessed foodie, I felt like a I was a 3 year old overjoyed toddler who was given a lollipop.

It made the experience even more memorable of availing these two when The Lost Bread staff told us that these cups were the FIRST EVEEERRR (!!!) orders of the milkshakes to be served to the public. Isn’t that awesome??? Well, for a food blogger like me, it is! HAHAHAHA! It was worth lining up and worth the wait. I will surely come back to try the other milkshake flavors such as their campfire and other liquor infused milkshakes!


The Lost Bread is located inside STREAT: Maginhawa food park.

Currydine: Asian Twists

Curry has been widely adapted in most Southeast Asian cuisines with a different twist in each country. Indian curry uses lots of spices from the spice rack such as coriander, cardamom, cumin, cloves, chili powder and many more. On the other hand, Japanese curry’s secret to a perfect curry is the Japanese curry roux cooked with lots of potatoes, onions, and carrots; while Thai curry works around with herbs and chilies aside from thai curry paste.

Of course, as a part of the Southeast Asia, the Philippines have adapted the curry dish as part of the Filipino cuisine. What is unique with Filipino curry is that the dish is infused with red/green bell peppers and coconut milk as well as potatoes and carrots. However, Filipino style curry is usually cooked with chicken and not with any other meat.

In my kitchen, I tried cooking green Thai curry and yellow Filipino chicken curry.


Green Thai Chicken Curry

For my Green Thai Curry, I played around with chicken (for my protein), basil (as my herb), coconut milk (also known as gata in Filipino), and chilies. I also used coconut milk to make the curry sauce smooth and thick. Before serving, I added some lime juice to make the dish have that hint of tangy citrus taste. Believe it or not, the added citrus flavor made the curry taste better! (Note: add only up to 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice to the curry. Do not put too much to prevent the sour taste. We just want a hint of that tangy taste). For the spicy level of the dish, adjust the amount of red chilies. One red chili is enough make your tongue filled with capsaicin. If you are a spicy food lover, add more chilies to satisfy your hotness level!


Basil, Chili, and Lime!! The main components of my Green Thai Chicken Curry


Take a closer look of my Green Thai Curry! :>

For my yellow Filipino chicken curry, turmeric powder, bell peppers, coconut milk are the essentials of this dish. The bell pepper contributes its flavors which makes this Filipino chicken curry dish distinct from other cuisines. Unlike what I did with my Green Thai curry, I didn’t put any citrus flavor in this dish. In addition, the basil I used for the dish was only a garnish.


Yellow Filipino style Chicken Curry

The Filipino style chicken curry is as example of a dish with simplicity at its best!


Curry with a Filipino cuisine twist

Processed with VSCOcam

The Bunny Baker

“The Cutest Cafe” — that’s their tagline. I guess I have to agree with them. I have not seen any cafe like this before. The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio is a bunny themed cafe suitable for kids and adults (who just want to feel like a kid again). Haha! The Cafe/Restaurant can also be a place for studying as they offer coffees, gelato-s, and other desserts (which can hype up the brain’s sugar needs), and the most important of them all: SOCKETS!! That’s right! Sockets, for laptops I mean.

My high school friends Eli, Sachie Barbie, and I visited this place to have our occasional mini-get together to catch up about things within our lives. Sadly, Annethski wasn’t around because she went out-of-town.

I have been wanting to visit this place for so long! I’ve heard this cafe from my friends and sister, and seen this through Instagram. Well, it was only me (from our group) who visited this cafe for the first time because Eli and Annethski were here almost everyday before when they were doing their theses.


The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio! (Located at 301 Hemady Square Building, Dona Hemady St. corner E. Rodriguez Sr., New Manila)

Looking at the inside, it’s like Easter Egg Hunt! Those bunny eared chairs were like bunnies hiding from the people who enters the cafe. This cafe can accommodate more or less 50 people at a time. They have cute and kiddie interiors with layered cakes display, star shaped lights glowing from above, and baby color walls.


Bunny Chairs Ambience for kids and also for adults “feeling kids!” HAHA!

They also have their gelato, cupcakes, and macarons displayed beside their counter table and their coffee machines behind. The cake studio (where they form their fondant and assemble their cakes as well) can be spotted adjacent to these.


Counter table with Cupcakes and Gelatos!


Looking at the left, that is the place where the bunny bakers make their creations!

From the cupcake stand, there were eight different flavors with a distinct fondant on top of each cupcake flavor. I wasn’t able to take a photo of them all, but the Banana Speculoos, Gotcha Matcha, Royal Blush were the top 3 cupcakes that caught my attention. I wasn’t able to try any of their cupcakes but they all seemed to look delicious. Well, if I had ordered them, I might have a hard time eating them because they are all cute.


Banana Speculoos Cupcakes! (Php90 + 10% service charge)


Gotcha Matcha! Green Tea cupcakes (Php85 + 10% service charge)


Royal Blush! I am guessing this is a the red velvet one! Cute name! 🙂 (Php95 + 10% service charge)

With their gelato, you can choose from 18 different flavors. They have Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry Milk, Maltesers, Oreos and Cream, Kahlua, Serenitea’s Okinawa Milktea, Reese’s, Milo, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate, Toffee Nut, Irish Cream, Berrific, Nutella, Bubblegum, and their Father’s Day special flavor, BEER AND PRETZELS!


18 Gelato Flavors to choose from! (One Scoop Php110 and Double Scoops Php190)


(L-R) Oreos and Cream Gelato, Serenitea’s Okinawa Milk Tea Gelato, and Milo Dinosaur Gelato!


Irish Cream Gelato (Left) and Berrific Gelato (Right)




Salted Caramel Gelato! One of my personal favorites!


SPECIAL FLAVOR FOR FATHER’S DAAAYYY!!! Beer and Pretzel Gelato! That Fondant is just awesome!

The cafe may seemed to look like it was made only for girls, but of course, the boys won’t allow this! (Joke only!) Good thing that their utensils were made up with blue and pink spoons and forks the customers can choose from.


Blue or Pink?

From their selection of foods, they have varied food items which looked and sounded simple but wait for the actual food to be served because some of the dishes won’t disappoint. This time, we ordered their Green Ham and Eggs, Beer Blackened Pork Chops, Tortilla crusted Sriracha Chicken, and The Ooey Gooey as our dessert.

The Green Ham and Eggs was an Eggs Benny topped with a Matcha Hollandaise sauce. Looks good right? But wait, the looks of this dish was better than its taste. I liked their ham but I was quite disappointed with their poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Although the poached egg had a runny yolk (which was perfect), there were lots of water that flushed down the muffin bun when I cut the egg. I guess the kitchen staff forgot to pat dry (or drain the excess water) first the egg after poaching, before putting it on top of the ham. My muffin bread was soaked already with the excess fluids after that incident. Deep inside, I quite panicked on what to do because I want my muffin to remain dry. Who wants to eat a soaked bread? Should I get a tissue to let the water be sipped? or Should I just not mind it?

For their hollandaise sauce, I wished it had more matcha taste or even top the dish with a sprinkle of matcha powder. That would have been the highlight of this dish but I thought they quite failed on that aspect.


Green Eggs and Ham (Php 225 + 10% service charge). An Eggs Benedict served with Matcha Hollandaise and cubed fried potatoes

However, this beer blacked pork chops has a totally different story!! I really loved their pork chops! It was well marinated and was grilled to perfection! I loved how to pork chops turned out after the grilling — with all those square grilled lines. It tasted even better that it looked! One of my personal recommendations when you will try this cafe soon! I just hoped that the garlic rice would have incorporated with real garlic bits while being cooked (not only on the top). I tasted garlic powder from the rice aside from the fried garlic on top.


2 pcs. Beer Blackened Pork Chops (Php475 + 10% service charge). Two pork slabs marinated in beer and grilled to perfection. It was served with halved grilled tomatoes and garlic rice

The next dish is their Tortilla encrusted Sriracha Chicken. Yum! I liked how an ordinary fried chicken was innovated to have a different crust. The dish has just the right amount of heat.


Tortilla Encrusted Sriracha Chicken (Php285 + 10% service charge). Deep fried sriracha (breast) chicken coated in tortillas served with tomato and onion salsa and garlic rice

Of course, any meal won’t end without any dessert! This Ooey Gooey was the real eruption! The chocolate that oozed out from the molten lava cake skillet was smoking hot! Top this dessert off with a salted caramel gelato was even better! I shared the calories of this gooey dessert with Eli and Sachie Barbara! Satisfying-ly goooooood!


The Ooey Gooey (Php285 + 10% service charge). Molten Lava Chocolate Cake served with a BIG (when I say big, it really is!!!) scoop of chosen gelato. You have 18 flavors of gelato to choose from! We chose Salted Caramel this time since it was recommended to us to top that ooey gooey molten lava cake.

Another restaurant down and many more to go! It is always a good time catching up with friends over food! HAHAHA!

This entry has my own personal insights and opinions as we paid for our meal.

Wa-paawww Kung Paooooo!!

In today’s episode of Neil Brian’s Kitchen, I have chosen to cook Kung Pao Chicken Pasta. I decided to cook this dish simply because I want to try to food hack Yellow Cab’s Chicken Charlie Pasta. Yeah, that sweet and spicy spaghetti dish filled with chicken, spring onions, and mushrooms. What I liked best in Yellow Cab’s is that the sauce is thick and savory which made every bite a satisfying one.

Processed with VSCOcam

Kung Pao Chicken Shiitake Pasta

For my own pasta sauce, I used a packed Kung Pao sauce bought in the market. After adding the mixture to the chicken, it was quite salty so I added 1 to 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to make the sauce a little bit sweet and added chilies to bring out some heat! I also used greaseless peanuts to prevent too much oil in the whole dish since I added about 3 tablespoons of sesame oil. (Don’t forget about Sesame oil is because this classic ingredient plays out the Chinese flavor of the dish).

Other essential ingredients I used were: shiitake mushrooms and lots of garlic and onions. The soft, chewy, aroma and tasty flavor of the shiitake mushrooms complemented the whole Kung Pao sauce. Try this instead of only using button mushrooms (or any other kinds of mushroom).


My main ingredients for the Kung Pao chicken pasta: Shiitake Mushrooms, Peanuts, Garlic, and Chili

With a little taste test and some alterations, TAAADDDAAAAA!! Here’s my own version of Kung Pao Chicken Pasta! Take a bite!


Kumori Kawaii cheesecakes!

I have always been amazed on how the Japanese serve their food with finesse. Seriously. I have been to Japan way back two years ago, and now, all I can remember was how I loved their food so much! Every restaurant I have gone to in Japan served really good dishes. From what I experienced, the food quality the Japanese serves made it different from others; and trust me, you can compare it from others. In addition to this, I loved how the Japanese food (in Japan) tastes fresh. We once went to McDonalds Japan and ordered their Ebi Burger (shrimp burger) and it was really good! It tasted the like the shrimp burger was a fresh catch. (Even the McDonalds in Japan has high standards in food quality)

Enough of my throwback story from Japan. Haha! (I just remembered those fun food trips I had when I visited there)

This entry would be another i-love-cheesecake post, but this time, it is a different kind of cheesecake. I have already blogged about how I love cheesecakes so much (Check this post: Fluffeh! Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake) and how I like tasting different kinds of cheesecakes. If Uncle Tetsu cheesecake did a fine job for a Japanese cheesecake, Kumori Hanjuku Cheese and Chocolate flavored Cheesecakes are even better!

So far, you can catch Deli Kumori’s cheesecake with their newly opened branches in SM Makati and Landmark near Glorietta (not the one in Trinoma). Their food stall was not much of a big one — just a square stall in front of the SM supermarket near the food court. This patisserie store serves different artisinan breads and their most talked about cheesecake!




Just some of the artisan breads Deli Kumori offer


The talked about Hanjuku Cheese Original Cheesecake!!


The Hanjuku Cheesecake also has a chocolate flavor!


Totohashi Pudding Green tea and their tofu cheese cake!

Aside from bread and cheesecakes, Kumori also have puddings, more cakes, and Krone. Krone is a hollow flaky, Danish pastry tube freshly piped with their custard filling and sprinkled with their snow sugar powder. This is also one of their bestsellers. However, I personally wasn’t able to try it since the custard filling was still in the process of making when I visited their store. I didn’t have much time so I was not able to wait for it. This may be another reason to come back!


I was only able to try their talked about cheesecake and I surely liked it! The cheesecakes were bite sized in oval shaped pieces, but the cheesecake was thick nevertheless. I ordered for an assorted box consisted of 3 Hanjuku cheese original and 2 Hanjuku chocolate.


The packaging of the cheesecake! WOOOOOW!! I was surprised! I mean, the packaging is already good for a gift!


5 pieces assorted Hanjuku cheesecakes! (Original and Chocolate) [Php 240]

I liked how the cheesecake was cheesier and creamier than Uncle Tetsu’s. Each bite comes with a light creamy not-to-sweet cheesecake and a fluffy spongecake. You might think that the combination might not work but it did! I would have given a plus in their chocolate flavored one because it was not to sweet and the real taste of cocoa was there! Really yummy! Chocolate-y and cheesy!